At Rosie Nightingale Homecare we know how important it can be for people to be able to stay living in the comfort of their own home.  It is our aim to support our customers so that this aim can be realised.  The levels and types of support needed vary significantly so we carry out a full assessment with each new customer to devise a unique personalised support plan.


Examples Of Support We Can Provide

  • Shopping - We can help with shopping in a variety of ways.  Our carer can take you shopping when you dont feel able to go alone.  We can do your shopping for you from a list, or even make your list.  You (or a family member) might do your shopping online, but you need help to accept the delivery and put things away.  


  • Medication - We know how confusing taking medication can be.  We can work with your pharmacy to make sure you dont run out of medication.  We can help you to take the right dose of the right medication at the right time. All our carers have undergone specific training on administering medication.


  • Morning Visit - A morning visit can really help you to get started for the day.  Our carers can help you to get up, washed and dressed.  


  • Evening Visit - An evening visit at the end of your day to help you to undress, wash and get into bed. 


  • Meals - We can help with making meals and drinks and with washing up afterwards


  • Domestic, Home Help - Our Carers can help around the house in many ways either on a regular or a one off basis. Cleaning, washing, ironing, changing bedding and putting the bins out


  • Welfare Check - We can visit just to give peice of mind.  Our carers can call round for a cup of tea and a chat and make sure that you are ok


  • Help or Respite For Main Care Givers - We dont just help our customers direcely, we also help and support thier main carer.  If you look after someone but feel you need a regular break for some me time, we can step in to help.  


  • Personalised Social Trips - Many people find it difficult to take part in activities, it might be due to illness, physical or mental disability.  We can help by being alongside you.  We have been to the gym, been fishing, gone on walks and been to a sing along.  Speak to us if you need help to do what you want to do. 


You can reach us on:

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